Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to Reality...

St. George was a much needed mini was great to see Whitney and Cameron for awhile and get away from the daily hassles of life. I suppose I must point out that Wednesday I moved all of my things out of my house and into a storage unit. Thus, I hopped in my car and straight through to St. George - St. George was a place that reminded me of Caleb because that was really the only reason I ever had to go down there. I did miss him, but I also was considering the circumstances that awaited me in Salt Lake. While there I filled my time with eating things I shouldn't (In-N-Out, Nielsen's, and Iceberg all in one day), hiking, skim boarding (observing rather than attempting in the frigid water), a little working, dining with a pro-golfer, discovering old friends, and meeting new ones... Possibly a life changing vacation...and I'm anxious future..

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