Sunday, November 13, 2011


Testimony. Probably the strongest part of me right now, and forever more. Today I was able to take the sacrament again for the first time in quite awhile. It felt amazing to FEEL and KNOW I'm on the right track. Because of this knowledge though, it's been evident that the adversary works even harder to detract you from what you want. What I want is the gospel, the temple, and the true plan of happiness in my life. I finished my classes last Thursday for my citation. The course title was "Prime for Life". I spent plenty of time making fun of the program and cracking jokes about the people that were attending the class with me. The truth is though, that I actually learned a lot. Not so much about making "low-risk choices" to improve your life (although I did learn a lot about that) but I learned about myself. One of the first activities was looking at a list of 10 words. Those words were: having a job and money, loving and being loved, making my own decisions, self-respect, freedom no legal problems, good health, religion spirituality, family, good friends, and partying. Of those 10, we had to cross of three that we could live without. Then, we had to cross off three more. And then three more. Essentially, we were left with one word. Taking three more off of the last four was extremely difficult and rather than just crossing a few off and getting the activity over with, I actually thought about it. My last two were family and religion/spirituality. It came as a surprise to me...I picked religion/spirituality. The soul reason I chose this, is because I put all my faith believing that the gospel can restore all of those other things back to me. I guess the best comparison would be Abraham being asked to sacrifice Isaac. He placed so much faith in the Lord, that he was willing to sacrifice his son, knowing only by faith that the Lord would deliver him. My life is NOT A MATTER OF PUTTING THE CHURCH OR THE LORD FIRST - IT IS A MATTER OF CENTERING MY LIFE AROUND CHRIST. The difference between those two statements are worlds apart. It would be impossible to put one thing in front of another as far as values are concerned - family, good friends, religion, self-respect, loving ... but I know that if I place "religion" or really, the Lord, as my center - then all other things will follow. Some of my closest friends are members, non-members, inactive, active, whatever else you want to call them - but we love each other for WHO we are and the values we hold to. I guess the point I'm trying to make, is that bringing myself back to the gospel after being and feeling so lost - has been an amazing experience and I feel incredible knowing I'm on the track of where I want to be in my life. That means in work, spirituality, love, friendship, and really everything else. I know what I want in all aspects and I'm living as such to achieve all of those. Procrastination for what I WANT is no longer an option. My life is in a good position because of what I'm choosing now, the best part is that I'm confident in what I'm choosing and who I am. Those that love me are standing by me, and those that don't understand - I expect nothing from.

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